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SUFOAM (Defoamer)

SUFOAM is a surfactant based defoamer specially designed for asbestos industry which kills the entire foam. This antifoaming cum-defoamer is nontoxic in nature and does not cause any skin toxicity / irritation

Defoamer for Pulp & Paper, Paint & Coatings, Cement / Asbestos Roofing's, Textiles, Metal Working Fluids, Oil Well Drilling and any other use.

Physical Properties :
1. Appearance / Colour : Colourless clear liquid.
2. Ionic nature : Anionic
3. pH :5-6
4. % Solid : 99 (± 0.5)%
5. Dispensibility : Disperse in water to a white emulsion

Chemical Composition : Synergistic blend of organic compounds, surfactants in oil.
Safety : Material is safe and non-toxic.
Storage :To be stored at room temperature in tight container.
Self life :Six months from the date of manufacturing.

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