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Pickling Inhibitor

Cold Rolling Mill Chemical

Pickling Inhibitor
Rinse Tank Additive

This is the most efficient hydrochloric acid corrosion inhibitor specially designed to protect the base material during derusting process. It is colourless and 100% dissolved. This product best for MS, SS, Brash, Silicon Rolling Mill.

Intial Bath Make Up:
Add 2-4 Ltrs Inhibitor Soln. For 1000 Ltrs. Bath Volume

Operating Parameters:
Concentration : 3-5 Liter/ Per 1000 Liter
Temperature : 60oc-80oc
Acid Concentration : 12% -18% (W/V)

Bath Maintenance :
This Inhibitor Is A Reaction Product Of Suitable Formulation, Which Has No Actual Analysis Method To Determine The Concentration. However, After Every Interval, One May Check The Inhibitor Efficiency.

Inhibitor Efficiency Determination Method:
1. Weight Accurately A Cleaned Metal Sheet ( W 1 Gm)
2. Dip The Metal Sheet To The Acid Bath Without Using Inhibitor. Concentration Of Acid Bath And Temperature, Contact Time Should Be Same As The Pickling Bath.
3. Lift The Metal Sheet After The Contact Time Is Over, Rinse And Dry Quickly To Avoid Rust Formation. Weigh Accurately ( W2)
4. Weigh Accurately Another Similar Type Cleaned Metal Sheet (W3)
5. Dip The Metal Sheet (W3) In The Pickling Bath Containing Inhibitor, Maintaining Same Concentration, Temperature And Time Of Contact.
6. Lift The Metal Sheet, Rinse And Dry Quickly, Weigh Accurately (W4)

Disposal This Inhibitor Is A Non Hazardous In Nature And It Is Bio-Degradable. The Acid Used In The Pickling Line Should Be Neutralized With Lime And Discharged Maintaining Local Regulation.

Wear Safely Goggles, Hand Gloves, During Handling Inhibitor. Splashes On The Skin Should Be Washed –Off With Plenty Of Water.

Shelf Life:
Minimum One Year from The Month Of Manufacturing.

30/50/60 Lts. Hdpe Container

Use Of Inhibitors In Pickling Bath Has Following Benefits:
1. Metal Savings (0.1-1.0%)
2. Brighter Metal Surface
3. Smooth Surface Finish
4. Less Quantity of Effluent.
5. Increases Pickling Bath Line (Less Acid Consumption)
6. Cut Down of Hcl Fumes
7. Metal Surface reduce Pitting

Note: "Operating Parameters " & " Initial Bath Make-Up" Process As Mentioned Are For Normal Installation. It May Change As Per Local Condition.

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