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Dust Suppressant

100% Organic Dust Suppressant

SUDUST M (Dust Suppressant)

We introduce ourselves as manufacturer of water treatment and speciality chemicals. We have our manufacturing unit at Dhulagarh, West Bengal with equipped in house laboratory.

Dust contains various substances which are dangerous for human health. Dust can block lungs and respiratory system. In today's time when whole world is concerned about Environment, Pollution, human health & people staying & working in an around the mines, suppression of dust is of utmost importance. This product Approval & Test Report is as per DGMS guidlines, Lab Report taken from IIM Dhanbad, CSIR - Toxicology and National Test House. Our Product is 100% Organic safe for human Skin, Trees and Inhalation.

Our chemical SUDUST M (Dust Suppressant) lab report collected from Indian School of Mines & National Test House is enclosed for your reference. Our chemical report is ok in all parameters. We have searched and find out that PM 10 dust is present in Coal mines and our chemical SUDUST M is most suitable to bring down through spray in ratio 1:5 with water and PM 2.5 dust can also be suppressed with proper equipment. Spray of SUDUST M can be done by tankers fitted with specially designed system and spray on haul road. Spray from cannons of different spraying capacity and nozzle designed at Loading-Unloading point, Rack loading point, storage in open needs to be done.

NOTE: Proper spraying system is required otherwise dust will not come down.


Dust particles are generally hydrophobic in nature. The dust particles repel water droplets, as dust is hydrophobic. It is harder to increase the material DEM (Dust Extinction Coefficient) water when sprayed with proper systems and cannons create mist which along with SUDUST M brings down dust in mines.

We have designed SUDUST M chemical as wetting agent with ionic charge. This helps in reducing hydrophobic nature of the dust.We want to give complete solution of dust suppression in the mines.We would like to install cannons and tankers which will suppress the dust on day to day basis.We request your good self to recommend our system with Head Quarter so that we are given orders to maintain dust suppression system in mines.

This Product Is Approved By Ecl & Nth

Mining of coal and other minerals creates dust. This airborne dust is not only harmful for human health, can block the lungs and effect respiratory system. SUDUST M is an organic compound which agglomerate dust with fine mist sprayed over it and brings it down. This is very much safe and harmless for skin. Even if anybody drink the product it is safe.

Dust generation is suppressed at source.
No adverse effect on human skin, trees, grass and material handled.
i) For Haul Road
Suppression of dust is done by specially designed tanker creates mist duly mixed with SUDUST M and water in ratio of 1:5 to bring down dust.
ii) Loading-Unloading/ Rack loading point/Stock point/blasting site
Dust can be suppressed by cannon of 30/60/100 meters by spraying water with SUDUST M as mist.
System could be set to operate on auto/manual mode.
The hydrophilic effect of SUDUST M provides much more dust suppression per gallon than water, multiplying the ability to hold down dust while holding your costs down at the same time.
Reduce dust to PM10 standard and even PM2.5 with proper spraying system.
Can be used in any places (near water, trees, orchards, paddy field) as SUDUST M is organic compound is in safe.

Appearance: Grey to brown solution.
pH: 9
Sp. gr: 1.17 gm/cc
Solubility : Easily dispersed in water

Surfactant based on organic high polymer in aqueous medium.

By spraying directly over dust. Please dilute SUDUST M in the ratio of 1:5 before spraying. Please always stir well before use.

To be stored at room temperature in airtight container.

Dust Suppressant

Dust Suppressant

Dust suppressant

Dust Suppressant

Dust Suppressant

Dust Suppressant

Dust Suppressant

Dust Suppressant


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