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Amine Based Liquid Grinding Aid

Cement Grinding Aids And Strongest Enhances

Amine Based Liquid Grinding Aid for Horizontal Ball Mill

SUGRIND is a surfactant and amine based liquid dispersing agent used as a grinding aid/ pack set inhibitor for the production of Portland and other hydraulic cements in horizontal ball mill. It is used for grinding Low -High sulphur content cement based on contact of Sulphur in clinker increasing with range. SUGRIND complies with ASTM specification C 465 as a non-harmful processing addition.

Properties : SUGRIND
Physical Appearance : Brown colour Liquid
Specific gravity : 1.02 – 1.10
pH : 7-9 approx
Freezing Point : - 16 °to – 3° c
Viscosity : 20 Cps
Dosage : 0.04 – 0.2 % by weight Depending on type of clinker type of mill and desired result.

Protects cement grinding by increasing hourly output.
protects lining of Ball mill.
Improves the grinding efficiency of the media (anti- coating).
Decreases grinding temperature.
Avoids agglomeration of the cement particles.
Reduces over grinding.
Improves flow characteristics of cement.
Allows increase in filler content in composite cement.
Improves particles size distribution.
Reduces silo clogging due to materials build- ups.
Improves quality and performance of cement.
Increases settling time and makes cement "quick setting".

Application Methodology
Very desirable to introduce SUGRIND into the first compartment of the finish grinding mill to effect maximum distribution and efficiency of the product.
Since SUGRIND has a very low freezing point, no anti- freeze protection is needed in bulk installation. Where it is expected that the storage tanks will be exposed to below zero temperatures, provisions should be made for insulating and heating the tank and lines in order to prevent excessive viscosity and to aid pump- ability.
Competent field test engineers are available for aiding in mill test evaluation of SUGRIND.

Health & Safety
Use Goggles and Hand Gloves while handling the product.
All precaution as per defined in MSDS must be followed.

Available in 200 kg Drum.

Store in a cool dry place under shed away from heat and direct sunlight.
Shelf Life
12 months in original unopened sealed condition.

The information given above is in line with our present state of knowledge and experience and is without any guarantee. Users must thoroughly test any application before commercialization. We are not liable for damages due to improper application of our products.

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